Designing the life fabric of individuals and organizations

My name is Hannah Anderson.  I am an artist, a professional life coach (IPEC certified), an organizational consultant, and a retreat designer/leader.

My life's purpose is to support individuals and organizations in a process of discovering renewed vision and purpose.  I encourage people to find and follow the golden thread of life, taking hold of what is precious and resilient to make a different in the world.    

The particular gifts I bring to this work in the world are deep listening, intuition, skills in group process, attention to energetic capacity, training in conflict mediation/transformation, public speaking, attention to detail, and an abiding love for all types of people across generations.  I am a curious and adaptive leader with over 25 years of experience working in various sizes of organizations. My undergraduate degree is in Spanish/Special Needs Education (U of WA). I also have a Masters of Divinity (Sewanee, TN) and a Doctorate in Advanced Systems (Seabury-Western, IL).


Logo for Golden Thread Coaching, original art by hannah Anderson

Logo for Golden Thread Coaching, original art by hannah Anderson



It all started when...

my brother, Pete, told me a story about a golden thread. I began to understand that each of us is born with a golden thread, a connection to Love and Light that is unique to our particular life's purpose.

As we go through life, we drop the thread or it gets covered over...we think it is lost, but it just needs to be discovered and reclaimed...dusted off so it shines again! That's what my coaching offers individuals and organizations.