Kate Reid, Client and Fellow IPEC Life Coach specializing in education, parenting and school staff development!

This is my fabulous friend, Kate Reid.  We are both life coaches, trained by IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).  For the past three years, on Friday mornings, we coach each other via Skype.  It is our way of supporting each other as we follow the golden threads of our lives.   

So here you are on my website, checking things out.  I am so excited that you are exploring life coaching! No matter your age or stage in life, the exploration of your path, your golden thread, is what I want to support and encourage.

As a professional, I work with clients from many walks of life.  Most are professionals who are facing decisions or wanting greater vitality in the workplace.  Others are students or empty-nesters or newly retired men and women searching for the new direction of their golden threads.  

Consider some of these questions...and when you are ready, contact me for a free one-hour session to experience how life coaching can change your life.

  • What is happening right now in your life that is leading you to consider life coaching?

  • What level of satisfaction do you have in your current profession?   

  • How ready are you to engage internal work that will lead not only to self-discovery but to making new choices in your life?  

  • If you consider the concept of the golden thread, your thread of deepest truth and brilliance, how could I, as your life coach, best support you?  

Contact me for a free session of life coaching!

“Coaching with Hannah is a true gift. Hannah is able to listen and ask poignant questions to make me dig deeper to understand what is taking place in my life. She has helped me create a support system for the challenging times to help me respond with grace and strength. Her coaching reminds me that life is to be lived well; that we are all children of God and to embrace our own journey in peace, happiness and love!” Carolyn

“Working with Hannah as my life coach helped me during a time of changing professions. I am so grateful for her listening and encouragement!” Trudie

“Are you kidding me?! Don't look around for any other coach; Hannah is the best. With humor, kindness and complete acceptance of the mess I was in, I have come to a new place. My golden thread looks pretty good these days and I've never been happier!” Mike