Consider the various options from Golden Thread to make your best choices for the pattern of your personal or professional life!  Coaching sessions are an hour long and can be done in person, via Skype, Zoom, phone or FaceTime.  Consultations with larger groups are held in person.  

If you are in a financial hardship, please contact Hannah to negotiate a fee.

Receive a FREE one-hour coaching session!  Just contact me at or (603) 724-1558

Single Coaching Session:  Receive an hour of expert, laser focused coaching as you seek to find clarity of the next best steps in your personal or professional life.  Reclaim your golden thread and find your inherent resilience!  Fee:  $150

Golden Thread 1:  Explore your golden thread patterns with a month of weekly coaching sessions (total of 4).  This is a way to dip your toe into coaching and see if it is a commitment you are ready to engage.  You'll receive a handmade soul book at the month's end.    Fee:  $500

Golden Thread 2:  Transform your understanding of your golden thread over three months of weekly coaching sessions (total of 12).  Weekly emails and texts are welcome. You'll receive a handmade soul book at the end of our coaching sessions.  Fee:  $1,200

Golden Thread 3:  Transform and strengthen the patterns of your golden thread over six months of weekly coaching sessions (total of 24).  Unlimited emails/texts between sessions are welcome.  You'll receive a handmade soul book at the end of our coaching sessions.  Fee:  $2,160

Follow up Coaching:  This is a special offer to former clients who may want to re-engage golden thread coaching for a short period of time or on a monthly check-in basis.  Please contact me to discuss a fee.

Individual Coaching Retreat:  This unique opportunity allows you to work with a personal coach for a few days of intensive coaching.  Each day will provide time for coaching, personal quiet time for reflection, and access to an open art studio in a setting determined by the client.  All materials provided by Golden Thread Coaching; location and length will be determined.  Fee is negotiable.

Group Coaching:  Share the golden thread experience with friends!  Experience the increased energy of creativity and possibility that is generated in group coaching.  Recommended time frame is 2 hours for a group of 5.  Fee:  $250

Consultations, Retreats and Workshops:  Add new energy, insights and creativity to your organization!  with many years of experience working with organizational leadership in work settings, I will design a program especially suited to meet your goals.  All materials will be provided by Golden Thread Coaching/Consultation.  Fee will be negotiated on a project basis between client and consultant/coach.  References available upon request.

 Contact me to schedule an appointment or discuss payment options. If you’re ready to purchase your session(s), head here!

I look forward to supporting you or your organization as you follow your golden thread. Hannah Anderson:

email me at:

or call: (603) 724-1558