Is your organization ready for new energy, capacity and vision?

Clarify your vision.

Energize your organization.

Set achievable and time-specific goals.

Reimagine the future.

For organizations ready to be re-invigorated for new capacity and vision

Non-profits, Churches, Diocesan Structures, Camp and Conference Centers, Boards of Directors, Women's Organizations

References available upon request.  Fee structure on a sliding scale based on organizational budget.




Leaders from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Newnan, GA are choosing to explore ways of becoming more adaptive, visionary and responsive to their local community. It can be hard work to dig in and explore what is happening and how to shift the energy/focus. However, it can also be quite energizing and refreshing when a process is led by a creative consultant.

Here is what I bring to your organization as a consultant:  Deep listening. Capacity to assess what is working and what is blocked.  Whether or not you have an open or closed loop communication structure in place.  How happy people are to be working for the company.  What conflict is evident or just beneath the surface and how to work constructively with it.  Whether or not your organization is healthy and vital with a strong immune system; if not, how to bring healthiness and wholeness.

My doctoral degree, from Seabury Western Seminary, is in Advanced Systems theory. I enjoy working with leaders who are ready to shift the culture of a system/organization and infuse it with energy, purpose and experimentation.

Consultations, Retreats and Workshops:  Add new energy, insights and creativity to your organization!  With many years of experience working with organizational leadership in work settings, I will design a program especially suited to meet your goals.  All materials will be provided by Golden Thread Coaching/Consultation.  Fee will be negotiated on a project basis between client and consultant/coach.  References available upon request.

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I look forward to supporting you or your organization as you follow your golden thread. Hannah Anderson:

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