How to build communities of hope and connection

Dear friends,

I just listened to a recent TED podcast highlighting author Johann Hari. Hari has written extensively on addiction and depression. His latest book, Lost Connections, focuses on the various treatments in our culture for depression. While there are organic/physical reasons some people are prone to depression, Hari believes that there are other factors at work in our culture that are creating deep suffering: Loneliness/lack of close friendships, disconnection from the natural world, loss of agency and purpose in the workplace or life context. Rather than viewing depression as something to be treated and resolved through medication and/or traditional therapy, Hari wonders about the wisdom we are being alerted to when depression pays us a visit.

What if we took his concepts and worked proactively with them by forming opportunities for people to connect and talk about what really matters to them in life? This is what is happening naturally at Golden Thread through life coaching and at The Creative Nest through creativity workshops. This week-end there were two opportunities—one for women and one for children/parents—here at the studio. Five women came to explore Process Painting; children came for an Open Art Studio experience. I love watching everyone make connections with their own creativity and with one another! Now I am envisioning other ways to form small groups/communities that might focus on certain topics: single parenting; preparing for retirement; living with depression; adapting to change/life transition. Let me know your ideas so that we can build community together and provide even a small measure of care and support for one another.

Keep creating and trusting your golden thread!