Recall your resilience


How often do you face into a new challenge or dilemma saying to yourself, ‘I just don’t know if I can do this!’ Perhaps a job or relationship has ended prematurely. Or you have been given the challenge of learning new skills at work. Maybe you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an illness or you’ve lost a significant person in your life. Facing into a geographic relocation is always a challenge! Whatever it is—whether loss or gain—it has the potential to stop you in your tracks and wonder whether you have the energy, the hutzpah, the capacity to deal with it.

Whenever I come to these points in my own life, it helps to breathe. Envision your golden thread of life: Notice its beauty, strength, color, and resilience!

Then get out your journal or computer and begin to record other times in your life when you felt overwhelmed by something coming your way and yet you met the challenge.

The older I get, the longer my list grows. And it reads something like this:

Survived growing up with three brothers. Learned negotiating skills.

Geographically relocated 27 times in my life!

Made a successful mid-life career change from teaching to ordained ministry.

Saw my first husband through cancer and a heart attack.

Negotiated my way through a divorce and became a single mother.

Survived as the third woman ordained in the Diocese of Central Pa in 1994.

Happily remarried and became a step mother.

Served as a Chaplain at Ground Zero. My life changed.

Moved through the illness and death of my oldest brother.

Grieved the loss of my mother a few years later.

Served various Episcopal churches/diocesan staffs for 25 years.

With each church/diocesan call, I transitioned to a new geographic location. Loss of friends and communities I loved; starting over again with every move.

Welcomed daughter-in-laws and grandchildren into our family.

Successfully retired and started my own small business.

Managing any transition in life takes energy, support and courage. You DO HAVE what it takes or you wouldn’t even be reading this blog! So take stock of your golden thread and the resilience you can already own by following this life’s path.