The Golden Thread Story

The golden thread story,


We are each born with an energetic potential—a light within, a passion and zest for life, a spark of the holy that yearns to grow brighter and stronger as we mature.  People use different names for this gift given at birth.  I’ve come to recognize and name it as a golden thread.  This is the basis for my life coaching and consultation:  to support people in the process of discovering their own golden threads that are strong, resilient, beautiful, authentic and trustworthy. 

When life is going well for us, it is easy to follow the golden thread of our life journey.  But let’s face it—most of us have had to face challenges or obstacles in life that obscure that guide of hope and brilliance.   We lose sight of the golden thread.  We drop it.  Our worries and anxieties cover it over like layers of dust.  Sometimes the golden thread just seems to be beyond our reach. 

I assure you, it is still there because it is yours!  Life coaching is a process of helping you discover it, grab hold of it, dust it off and reclaim the power and strength of your golden thread of life.


So why work with me as a life coach?

First, I live what I believe.  I’ve had my share of challenges and obstacles in life just like anyone else:  The death of two brothers, a divorce, loss of custody of my sons, five major transitions in my professional career requiring relocation, a husband’s diagnosis of cancer, my own diagnosis of osteoporosis, and my elderly father’s life with Alzheimer’s.  I am no stranger to grief, worry, anxiety and despair.

Second, my life was transformed through the experience of working with a life coach/mentor (IPEC), Stephanie Marisca.  I learned about Stephanie from a friend who had just been trained as a life coach (IPEC) and she suggested that I contact her for possible coaching. 

At the time, I was working in a job where stress and overwork were beginning to impact my health.  I could not figure out how to get out from under the constant pressure of leadership in a large organization.  You may know what that feels like, right?  There was no way I could see or even imagine that my golden thread was waiting for me under the weight of responsibilities. 

My life coach helped me to pause to breathe, to listen.  She encouraged me to name and honor my deepest values and then to align my life choices with them.  She reconnected me to my golden thread, the holy direction of my life-- and I am forever grateful. 

Stephanie and I worked together for some months and one day I mentioned to her that I liked this coaching stuff, thought I might be a good coach.  The rest is history!  I enrolled in the IPEC training program and, as a life coach myself, have never regretted the decision.  My life purpose emerged from my own process and experience. 

So here I am in my mid 60’s filled with excitement and hope:  a life coach and an artist, a mother and wife, a grandmother and Episcopal priest—newly retired and ready to follow my own golden thread and weave the fabric of this season of life.

The people I now coach are from all walks of life.  They are ready for transformation through life coaching.  The circle of people I work with right now ranges in age from 21 to 70.  All of them are motivated to rediscover or polish up their golden threads, to find new life energy that will become part of the unique design of their lives. 


Join the circle of people whose lives are being strengthened and transformed through Golden Thread Coaching!